Your home is sold and now it is time to face the reality that you have to find a mover.  This can be a tough pill to swallow usually because you have had bad experiences in the past or maybe because you saw some goons get arrested in 2012 for scamming some Toronto movers.  But its not that bad out there.  Luckily there are some decent moving companies in Toronto.

To find a mover in Toronto, all you have to do is these three things:

1.  Find out if they are certified movers with the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) –   Any company that cares about moving and the industry as a whole, is a certified member of CAM.  Now what does being certified mean?  It means that this impartial association has made certain demands of their members to have things like a certain amount of insurance and other requirements that legitimize them as a moving company.

2.  Ask Questions – We get so many people who call us with quotes from other moving companies who say why is your rate higher than ABC Moving Company.  They often fail to read the fine print and the terms of the agreement as well as the description of what they are getting.  I recently saw a quote where a moving company suggested 3-4 hours to complete the job but gave a final estimate based on 3 hours.  Do yourself and find a mover that gives you exact numbers and not ranges.  Trained moving coordinators or consultants should know how to break your move down in this fashion.

3.  Google – If you choose to follow any of this advice in finding a mover, make this one a must.  I can’t tell you the number of times we get calls from people moving who say that XYZ Movers said the move would only take 4 hours and were offering $100/hr for 3 movers.  As a moving company, when we hear this, we immediately do some quick research about the moving company in question.  We often find pages full of blogs, review sites and journals slamming the said moving company and accusing them of fraud.

It’s hard to not be negative when discussing how to find a mover in Toronto but it is the unfortunate reality of the industry that we work in.  Moving companies will never be regulated (Too Bad!) so it is important that you take the necessary steps to find the best mover possible.  Don’t obsess over the rate.  $20 more an hour over 6 hours is $120.  Most people have at least several possessions that cost that.  It is nominal considering your moving cost is likely amortized over a period of 3-5 years anyway!  This article is not trying to fear you into using our moving company.  It is trying to encourage you to find a mover that is qualified to move you safely, honestly and efficiently.

Happy Moving