Getting stuck with trying to arrange same-day moving in Toronto can be one of those unavoidable situations in life. Don’t panic, though: there is a solution! There is a company that can handle your last-minute moving job.

Rent-a-Son is that company. We handle emergency moves and we can do them as if they were booked a month in advance. We are a full-service moving company that can handle all your moving needs. From packing to unpacking, and even disassembling furniture, we can do it all.

Last-Minute Moving Troubles Are a Thing of the Past

Hopefully, your same-day move in Toronto will not be a matter of having family or friends cancel on you. This can be a problem when trying to get friends or family to help you move.

Luckily, Rent-a-Son can help with your emergency move. If you have not planned anything yet, however, and need to move out of your residence ASAP, there are a few things you can do after you call us.

Throw Out Anything Unnecessary

We can help with everything. From packing to disassembling furniture, there is nothing that we cannot assist with. The best thing you can do is to get rid of any junk, garbage, or perishable food that you do not need before we get there.

Make a List of Everything You Need

If we are clearing out your own place, this should not be an issue. If you are leaving a shared space, though, think about everything you own and write it down. The last thing you want to do is forget something near and dear to your heart.

If you have large items with no place to store them, we can help with this, too. We offer storage services for your convenience.

Ensure All Children and Pets Are Safe

Children and pets should always be your number one priority. Make sure you have a spot for them during the move. Having young children and pets running around is dangerous. The last thing we want is an accident that is avoidable. Therefore, take the proper precautions, and the move will be safe for everyone.

Request Packing Service

There is no way that you can pack everything on your own last minute. Luckily, as a full-service moving company, we offer packing and unpacking services. Ask for our packing service when you call us, and we will have you ready to go in no time.

Rent-a-Son: Toronto’s Same-Day Movers

A move is obviously something that you should plan ahead of time, but life happens, and we understand that. If you need an emergency moving company immediately, do not panic. Pick up the phone and call us at (416) 913-9021.

At Rent-a-Son, we are the same-day movers in Toronto that have you covered.

If you are reading this and want to avoid last-minute moving, you can get an estimate by messaging us today.