Having the proper supplies can make your move smoother and help protect your belongings during transit. Here are some essential moving supplies in Toronto you should have before moving.

1. Moving Boxes

One of the most important moving supplies you’ll need is moving boxes. It’s important to have a variety of sizes to accommodate different items. Small boxes are ideal for books, while larger boxes are perfect for bedding, pillows, and other lightweight items.

2. Packing Tape

Packing tape is another essential moving supply in Toronto. You’ll need it to secure your boxes and prevent them from opening during transit. Look for packing tape that’s at least two inches wide to ensure a strong hold. You may also want to consider purchasing a tape dispenser to make the job easier.

3. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a must-have moving supply for protecting fragile items. It’s perfect for wrapping dishes, glasses, and other breakable items. Remember to fight the urge to pop the bubbles; they provide cushioning to your items!

4. Packing Paper

Bubble wrap and packing paper? Do you need both? Absolutely, it’s ideal for wrapping dishes, glassware, and other fragile items, as well as for stuffing boxes to prevent items from shifting during transit. Paper is recyclable and far more environmentally friendly compared to bubble wrap. That means you can be more liberal with it and not feel guilty about filling up the landfill with plastics.

5. Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are a lesser-known but essential moving supply. They’re designed to protect your furniture from scratches and dings during transit. You can purchase furniture pads from a moving supply store or check if your mover supplies pads.

6. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets can be used to protect furniture, appliances, and other large items. They’re thicker and more durable than furniture pads and can provide additional protection during transit. If you are moving long distances, these should be at the top of your list of Toronto moving supplies.

7. Hand Truck or Dolly

A hand truck or dolly can make moving heavy items much easier. It’s ideal for moving large appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and heavy boxes. If you’re looking at a dolly and wondering, “Do I really need to spend money on this?”, well, you do! They eliminate the strain of carrying heavy items and can reduce the risk of back injury.

8. Box Cutter

A box cutter or utility knife is an essential moving supply for opening boxes and cutting packing tape. Make sure to keep it in a safe place during the move so it doesn’t get lost or misplaced.

High-Quality Moving Supplies in Toronto at Better RatesThan Your Big Box Store

Specialized boxes and high-quality supplies can make packing and unpacking so much easier. Instead of having items roll around during transit, you can ensure everything reaches the destination intact.

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