Whether you are a US resident moving back to the United States of America or a Canadian leaving on a permanent vacation to our neighbours to the south, there are some things you need to know before you move from Canada to the US. Since 911, the preparation for a cross border move has intensified but don’t get too out of sorts because we have compiled a short list of things you must know.

If you are Moving from Canada to the US, make sure you have or be at least some of the following;

  • A US citizen or possess a work visa (Green card, H-1, TN-1, L-1, etc)
  • All of your accompanying household members have a visa and or Status in the US
  • Visa/I-94 cards must be activated and stamped by US customers prior to your cross border movers departure
  • Submit passport pictures or visa card copies of each family member (Canadians) or passport pictures and SSN’s for each family member (US citizens)
  • A completed 3299 form

This is a great starting point.  Most cross border moving companies should ask for these things but its good to know ahead of time what you need for your upcoming Canada to US Move.  You can pretty much bring anything along with you for your move but not everything is tax and duty free under the documents listed above.  Motorized vehicles, alcohol and firearms all require separate paperwork and documentation.

If you are transporting pets across the border, you will need to have updated vaccine and rabies shots done within 30 days of formal entry.  Unfortunately, your plants will have to stay behind as a safety precaution.

If you are planning a cross border move, take the time to plan your movers ahead of time so that you can prepare yourselves for this more cumbersome move.  Our moving coordinators are trained to provide all the information you need for a safe and successful move.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time for information at 866-999-2766 or complete an online request for a quick response.

Happy Moving!