The weather in Toronto is getting warm! Finally spring is upon us. This means lots of great things for all who endure the harsh Canadian winter. It also means moving season. Yes, peak season for moving companies in Toronto. Now why are we discussing this? Well every time demand increases for anything, certain opportunistic people follow along trying to capitalize.

Unfortunately for consumers, moving in Canada is not regulated. Fortunately, there are quality moving companies available who actually know what they are doing. There are always new players in the moving business. Everyone has to start somewhere but you need to be careful when you hire movers …..that is if you want a disaster free moving experience. There are lots of cheap movers out there and new movers in Toronto who claim to be everything but really know nothing about moving. We don’t mean to be too pessimistic but we work in a tough and gruelling industry. Very few moving companies in Toronto actually get moving right. The point of this blog posting is to help you understand what to look for when hiring a Toronto moving company.

Here is a very reduced guide to hiring movers:

Any good moving company should be a member of CAM, should have a detailed( I mean very detailed) plan about how your move will take place, have documentation about the details of your origin and destination addresses and should have some experience in the moving business. These are just a few of the things to look out for. The most important thing is that you realize when you begin the process of moving that it will involve some preparation, planning and research.

Don’t roll the dice. Have questions about what Toronto mover to choose… Call us! Not because you should use us, but because our knowledgable moving coordinators would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Happy moving!