Actors aren’t the only one’s with an award season.  Every year, different websites, blogs and newspapers in Toronto decide who the best mover is in Toronto.  We have been fortunate enough to be voted on numerous occasions.  Choosing a moving company that has been voted best mover can really help you narrow down your choice of moving companies.

Here are the top 4 reasons local movers win this great honor:

1. Great customer service

You won’t see many “best movers in Toronto” who don’t have excellent customer service. A moving company that really understands effective communication and accountability will win the hearts of its customers by being there for them before, during and after the move.

2. Professional Movers

Movers can make or break the move.  Hiring the best movers will help to reduce damage, stress and time on moving day.  Movers who understand how to protect your furniture and home can really make for a wonderful moving experience.

3. Reliable movers

What good is a moving company you can’t rely on?  Being reliable means showing up on time and doing exactly what you promised you would.  This can be difficult but a moving company that can achieve this will usually be voted the best mover in Toronto.

4. Good Value

You won’t find my “cheap” movers on your best movers list but offering good value is really important.  Providing good value means the customer gets a good bang for their buck.

If you are moving in Toronto, make sure to be on the look out for the best movers.  Using website lists is a great starting point but don’t be afraid to ask around.  A recommendation from a friend or relative can go a long way.  Go with your gut too!  You can often get a good pulse on whether or not the company you are dealing with is responsive and attentive to your needs.

Happy Moving!