A piano weighs around 340 kg, which is the same weight as your average moose. Grand pianos can be twice as heavy! This is why even minor piano mishaps have the potential to cause serious injuries. If that is not reason enough for you to call piano movers, we will give you seven more.

7 Reasons Why You Absolutely Must Call Piano Movers!

1. Pianos Are Extremely Heavy

Did we mention that pianos can weigh as much as a moose? Larger pianos can weigh as much as an American bison! You need high-strength ropes, metal dollies, and extremely sturdy ramps to handle that kind of weight. What is more, you need a piano moving company that understands objects that are heavy are not to be trifled with!

2. Pianos Are Very Bulky

It is not just that pianos are heavy; they are unwieldy, too. Their shape and girth make piano moving at least a two-person job. Often, pianos will not even have handholds at the outer edges, meaning trying to maneuver them is even more difficult. They can be particularly tricky to move through doorways and on staircases.

3. You Can Seriously Hurt Yourself

Trying to lift a piano incorrectly can lead to a serious back injury while mishandling a piano can easily cause serious hand, foot, and chest injuries. If you are not working with professional Toronto movers, then you are risking bruises and fractures!

4. You Can Damage the Piano

Improper handling can leave scuff marks, break off pedals, and damage the internal mechanism. Unless you have prior experience with moving pianos, leave the packing and handling to a team of professional piano movers.

5. You Can Cause a Lot of Property Damage

You know how heavy pianos can be, and you know how rigid the piano body can be. A piano can easily punch through drywall, break banisters, damage furniture, rip up carpets, and gouge flooring if not handled with great care. If you do manage to load it in the truck, not tying it down properly can increase the risk of damage to both your own and others’ vehicles.

6. Pianos Are Expensive

A small upright piano costs anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000, while a Steinway grand piano can cost an eye-watering $200,000! That makes pianos long-term investments, and trying to save a few hundred while putting thousands of dollars at risk is not the wisest decision you will make.

7. It is Going to Take You Forever

Rather, it should take you a long time to move your piano, given that you are doing it without professional help and equipment. Take your time to pack, move, and load up the piano. If you start to feel your muscles aching, take a break.

A tired body (and mind) will try to rush things, and you are more likely to make mistakes.

Here is the Right Way to Move a Piano…

Call a piano moving company like Rent-a-Son right away. Our Toronto movers come equipped with the right moving equipment and have extensive experience moving pianos safely. Piano moves are nowhere near as expensive as you think either—just give us a call, tell us about your piano, and find out how affordable it is to move it.