In a survey of 2,000 people, 6 out of 10 said that moving was one of the toughest days of their lives, beating out divorce and starting a new job! Not to be uncompassionate, but this sounds like they are doing something wrong; moves can be stressful if you have not planned and prepared for moving day.

This is why we have prepared a list of seven Toronto moving tips to help ease the stress.

1. Stay Organized with a Moving Binder

Papers here, papers there, papers everywhere! Not having a central location for receipts, contracts, phone numbers, floor plans, and instruction manuals is a recipe for frantic hunting.

Have a separate folder (preferably with multiple pockets) to arrange health records, employment paperwork, financial documents, paperwork for your moving company in Toronto, and other essential paperwork.

2. Say Cheers to Checklists

Unless you want to head down the rabbit hole of “I forgot to do that” and “Why didn’t I ask my commercial movers that,” prepare checklists for yourself. To-do lists take the effort (and uncertainty) of trying to recall everything to do with office moving out of the equation.

If you do not want to create a checklist from scratch, we found a detailed one on Move.Org. If that is a little too much, we have a handy checklist of our own, too.

Use a tool like Google Notes, so you and your mover near you can update the checklist as you go.

3. Keep Track of Moving Boxes by Colour-Coding Them

Labeling boxes is common, but you can colour-code them to take organization one step further. For instance, all boxes with red labels can indicate fragile items, such as IT equipment; green, on the other hand, can be for papers, planners, or other unbreakable items.

4. Have a Packing Strategy in Place

Instead of splitting items by weight, pack them according to priority. For instance, items you will not need urgently (spare calendars vs. the office coffee machine, for example) can be packed together, meaning you can unpack them later as well.

5. Make a Detailed Inventory of What Each Box Contains

A big part of the stress in Toronto moving comes after your moving company in Toronto has dropped everything off, and you need to find that one specific thing. Thus begins the fruitless rummaging through a dozen boxes.

Save yourself a lot of hassle by writing a detailed inventory of what is in each box and pasting it on the box itself!

6. Put Cords, Flash Drives, and Smaller Tech in Baggies

Cords, computer mice, and other small tech items are some of the hardest to pack. They move around, tangle, and just somehow manage to disappear. Secure them with zip-ties and place them in small bags to prevent them from moving around.

7. Have an Essentials Box

You know that setting up can take a little time (unless you get a mover near you that offers unpacking services), which is why you should have an essentials box with the items you will need immediately at the new place. Having things like your moving binder, these moving tips, and toilet paper at hand can save you a lot of effort.

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