As companies grow, there will be an inevitable requirement for more space. You must relocate and need office movers to get the job done. Therefore, you need an office moving company with a track record of success. With a corporate move, however, comes downtime. Your company wants to keep downtime to a minimum, and we can help.

Rent-a-Son is Toronto’s commercial office moving company that you can turn to for all your moving needs. We get the job done fast and efficiently. We pack and unpack, disassemble and assemble furniture, and handle the manual labour of physically moving your office materials from one location to another. And we do it all on schedule and within the allocated budget.

How Can Office Movers Keep Downtime to a Minimum?

You want your employees working, but that’s not possible during a move…or is it?

Have Employees Work from Home

Since COVID-19, more companies are opting to have their employees either work from home or in hybrid roles. This is the number one way to cut down on downtime. If you have someone in a hybrid role, make them work from home that day. Keep everyone working; the only people that will have the day off are those who have to be in the office.

Request Employees Take a Personal/Vacation Day

If you follow the Employment Standards Act, you can force your employees to take vacation time in Ontario, as long as you follow the guidelines. You can also request that they take a personal day, but they do not have to. However, if they are loyal to the company, there is a good chance they will.

Schedule the Move During a Shutdown

If your office shuts down at any time during the year, this is the perfect time to schedule a move. Not only that, but office moving companies are slowest during the winter. If you shut down around the Christmas season, you can get an excellent deal on office movers.

Office Moving vs. Residential Moving

We are not only office movers—we offer residential moving as well. In fact, we provide all services that have to do with relocating: packing and unpacking, furniture assembly, small moves, long-distance moving, etc.

The main difference between office moving and residential moving is that our office movers cover the whole project: you won’t have to lift a finger! We do not expect you to pack or take apart furniture or anything else. All we want is a clear office and you can leave the rest to us.

The Right Choice for Moving

With our proven track record of success, our rating from the Better Business Bureau speaks for itself. Why take a risk on a commercial office moving company with an unknown name?

Rent-a-Son is a well-established name in Toronto, Ontario. Choose the movers that thousands trust and give us a call at (416) 931-9021 or message us for an estimate and find out what the GTA’s favourite office movers can do for you.