Staging works! The numbers are out and the evidence in favor of home staging is overwhelming. Here are some interesting facts;

  • Most buyers form an opinion about a home within the first 7-10 seconds of being in your home
  • 90% of buyers look at homes they found online
  • A $500 investment on home staging results in 343% return on your investment
  • A Coldwell Banker survey of 2,800 home revealed that staged homes sell in half of the time of non-staged homes
  • Staged homes spend 83% less time on the market

So, it is clear that staging can help you get more money for your home faster.  But I want to take a “selfish” approach to staging as a moving and storage company.  Staging does wonders for homeowners but it really helps movers as well.  Here are 5 reasons why you should stage your home to prepare for your move:

Staging gives you an appreciation for the moving process

As soon as you start staging you are going to realize quickly how much work is involved in getting your home ready for a move.  Whether it is contact moving and storage companies or simply packing boxes it becomes obvious early on that you have a lot of work to do!  This will help you and your moving company down the road because you will begin your preparations for your move in a timely fashion.


No need to elaborate on this.  Staging your home will force you to decide what stays and what goes.  Eliminating possessions and decluttering your home will help you pack more efficiently and will eliminate downtime at your new home trying to figure out where you have an extra closet for those extra jackets you couldn’t get rid of.

Divide and conquer

Storage usually goes hand in hand with staging. Most stagers will bully you (in a good way :)) into getting rid of stuff. While some can go to the dump, you will need to keep a lot of it.  Hiring a moving and storage company can help you chop up your move into phases making the entire process much easier and giving you a chance to control the pace of the move.

Moving and storage companies are more than happy to do your move however you want it to be done. But a smooth and seamless move, makes for happier movers and happier homeowners. It means less kinks in the day and easier planning.  Moving your home is a marathon not a sprint. That is why the best strategy is to divide and conquer.

Staging will not only help you get more money for your home but it will also save you on your moving costs. If you are selling your home, hire a stager and take advantage of many benefits that come with staging your home.

Happy Moving!