The Greater Toronto Area is incredibly popular and draws people from all over the world. One of the most popular places for people to settle is Mississauga. For new residents, especially those who haven’t spent much time in the area, you may be wondering what to expect when moving to Mississauga. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of this community.


Mississauga has a population of over 720,000, making it the sixth most populous area in Canada and third most populous in Ontario. Located a short drive from downtown Toronto, Mississauga is a thriving suburb located on the lake.

It is also home to an extensive business presence. As the home of Toronto’s international airport, it is no surprise that Mississauga houses Honeywell Aerospace and Magellan Aerospace. However, it also is home to more than 60 Canadian offices for Fortune 500 companies including Walmart and Hewlett Packard.

Housing Market

Everyone knows about the expensive housing market in Toronto. Mississauga’s housing market is also quite popular; however, you’ll find much more affordable prices in this city. The median home price is currently $1,490,000, which represents a 27% increase over the prior year. If you would prefer to opt for a condo instead, you’ll pay a median of $595,000, which has increased 18% over the prior year.

If you are looking to rent, you’ll find the average one-bedroom apartment to be $1,800, which has stayed relatively stable over the prior year. While this may seem steep, it is 13% cheaper than living in Toronto. There are also areas where you’ll find cheaper options depending upon your flexibility with location.

For families with children, an important consideration is schools. While the typical notion is that the more expensive areas have the better schools, this is not necessarily true in Mississauga. In fact, there are areas in Mississauga at virtually every price point that have very good schools, making it a great place to live with a family.

Culture & Recreation

Mississauga is very popular for young professionals and young families. One of the reasons for this is because the city has many things to do. The city is filled with green spaces with one of the most preeminent ones being Celebration Square. This area if ground zero for a variety of community events.

Meanwhile, Mississauga is great for the nature lover. One of the most popular areas is Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, which is home to gorgeous scenic waterfront trails. This area is popular for bird watching and hosts local farmer’s markets.

The city is also rich in museums, sporting facilities, and other attractions. You can find many shopping areas from trendy small businesses to large shopping centres. The area also has a wide array of restaurants from upscale to dive bars. Here, you’ll find cuisine from around the world as well including restaurants featuring food from China, Malaysia, Trinidad, and many other places.

For the arts lover, the Mississauga Arts Council is definitely worth checking out. They sponsor a wide variety of events throughout the year including the annual MARTY awards that celebrates local artists. The city also hosts many annual festivals including a Canada Day Celebration, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Rotary Ribfest, and an annual festival of cultures that occurs in May.

Things to Do

In addition to festivals and other fun, there are many interesting sights to see when you move to Mississauga. Here are some of our favourites.

Art Gallery of Mississauga. This museum first opened in 1987 and features four major gallery areas. In addition to a permanent collection of roughly 500 works, it features rotating displays that tend to highlight regional artists. Additionally, the museum hosts many events such as workshops and children’s art classes.

Playdium. If you enjoy arcade games, you’ll love Playdium. With over 12,000 square meters of games and rides, there is something for the whole family. A visit to this attraction can include playing modern and classic arcade games, miniature golf, batting cages, or racing on one of Canada’s largest go kart tracks.

Alpine Indoor Ski. Why wait for winter to hit the slopes when you can ski anytime at Canada’s only indoor ski center. This is a great and affordable place to learn to ski or snowboard and is also perfect for those wanting to get in some off-season practice.

Wahoosh Falls. If you are a nature lover, be sure to head to the ravine behind the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus. Here you’ll find a nice place for a stroll that leads to the waterfalls. While not massive, they present a relaxing place to be surrounded by nature. The falls empty into the Credit River, which is popular for canoeing.

Lakeview Village Complex. Art lovers will enjoy a visit to Lakeview Village where you’ll find the walls covered in various murals. Artscape Atelier works to organize these exhibits which focus on local heritage and building community. It is definitely a colourful place to visit.

Final Thoughts

While you may be wondering what to expect when moving to Mississauga, you can rest assured that you will find a vibrant, welcoming community with plenty to do. There are plenty of reasons why Mississauga is a popular place. Join the many others who have decided to call this community their home. Whether you prefer to explore Streetsville, Port Credit, or anywhere in between, you’ll be happy you decided to move to Mississauga.
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