It can be expensive to move.  It is important to find ways to reduce the cost of moving but stay away from gravitating towards cheaper moving companies.  Low hourly rates will most often forecast a roller coaster of a moving experience.

Reducing your costs is possible – even when you hire a quality moving company.  Here are a list of tips that can help you save on moving day;

1.  Get Good Boxes – Low quality boxes that don’t hold up will cost you much more than purchasing or renting boxes for your move.  Recycled boxes are usually small and not uniform which means more trips to the truck and a tougher time tiering the truck (building sections).  Low quality boxes also can sometimes increase the likelihood for damage so get good boxes!

2.  Pack Your Whole Home – Packing any home is a challenge which is why you should start 4 weeks prior to your move.  Everything should be sealed, packed, labelled and ready to go for when the movers arrive.  Being organized and also having a plan not only means less time but easier placement in your new home which also means less work for you during your unpack.

3.  Get Everything In Order – Be proactive!  Talk to the building manager, place pylons on the street if there is no driveway parking and clear out the common path’s your movers will be using on moving day.

4.  Disassembly – Have all of your items disassembled prior to the move.  This can be tough because you may be using some of the assembled furniture up until the day of the move so do whatever you can.  Make sure to either place all the hardware in one box and label it or put it into a ziploc bag and tape it to the furniture (never apply tape to a fine finish).

5.  Request/Purchase/Rent Wardrobe Boxes – These larger boxes are a great way to store all of the little things that don’t exactly belong in a box.  Minimizing trips to the truck is key to an efficient move.

I hope these tips have helped you to better understand how you can have a more efficient move.

Happy Moving!