It’s no surprise that movers get a bad rap. This is due in part to a one bad apple spoils the bunch phenomena. Ok maybe its more like a dozen bad apples spoils the bunch but bad movers are usually bad because of the moving companies that employ them. Low standards are set and these movers abide to those standards. But if we strip away all of the rogue moving companies and harmful operators in charge of them, you get movers that sign up for a job to help people in their most trying of times.

This mountainous task would make most buckle at the knees but these movers fight through unpredictable and physically demanding days to make sure the customers they are moving find their way safely into their new home on a strict schedule. Our Toronto moving company would be nothing without the men in uniform that go out each and every day with a desire to please.  What most may not realize is how difficult moving is; and I am not referring to the physical demands. Aside from carrying heavy and awkward furniture around all day, movers need to be effective project managers, excellent communicators, unified team members, customer service representatives, expert drivers and aficionados of thousands of different types of furniture.

“It is to my surprise that the government, society and employers not recognize the mover as a skilled trade. A professional mover requires considerable training, apprenticeship and stage based learning that compares to any other skilled trade in other industries.”

— Dustin Kroft, President

For an industry as old as moving, you could say that as an industry it is behind its time.  Society and government only perpetuate this by not supporting the industry through regulation and recognition. This may never change but in the meantime, we want to take our hats off to the men and women who put themselves on the line every day and challenge their mental and physical agility in the way they do. If you are a mover or work at a local moving company, share this blog posting in an effort to help change the perception of our industry.

If you were, are or consider moving as a profession (yes profession), we salute you.