Hiring a mover in Canada?  It can be difficult to select.  It almost seems that you need expertise in research to select a service based company these days – especially moving companies. Weeding out the bad from the good can be a difficult process and it always seems the great new tools are eventually spoiled and exploited. Review based websites were the gold of the late 2000’s. Forums and review based websites were finally giving customers an inside look at people’s experiences with movers.  To learn about movers in Toronto, you can visit a host of websites dedicated to sharing customer reviews.

But like everything else, the pirates eventually learn about these resources and find a way to work the system.  The best way to find a moving company in Toronto is to ask a friend or relative.  If someone had a great experience with a mover, then you are lucky to experience the same outcome.  There are no guarantees in the home service business but referrals and word of mouth rank first in their ability to predict your actual experience.

Review based websites are second grade to word of mouth referrals but provide an excellent overview of a moving companies ability to perform.  The problem is that there are companies on these sites that have falsified reviews that are almost impossible for the site owners to detect.  I am not raining on review based websites but I got thinking the other day that there is an equation or formula that can help weed out the moving companies that have fake reviews.

As an insider who works for a moving company, it is easy for me to isolate the moving companies in Toronto that most likely are buying or falsifying reviews.  What I notice about these companies is that they almost all have one thing in common; They are not certified members of the Canadian Association of Movers or CAM.

CAM represents the moving industry and being a certified member means that you have met certain requirements.  Do yourself a favor.  If you don’t have someone that can recommend a mover to you, perform the CAM test on the companies that you find online.  It gives you an additional layer of accountability and legitimacy that is worth its weight in gold.