Preparing for last-minute relocation can be overwhelming as you rush against a short deadline. Moving is even more stressful when you have to cover a long distance across the country. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance, Rent-a-Son is your go-to moving company when you’re in a rush.

We are based in the South Etobicoke area and serve Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area with professional moving services. Here are our top seven tips for last-minute moving.

1. Make a Moving Checklist

A priority checklist is essential when you have a lot to do within a limited deadline; it helps you stay on track as you tick off tasks. Apart from the primary list of essential items, have a separate packing list so you don’t forget important things. Always keep your list realistic.

2. Set Up Utilities in Your New Place

While this may sound obvious, utilities such as electricity, gas, internet, and water are necessary but sometimes easy to overlook. And at the same time, schedule the shutoff of such services at your current place.

3. Source for Pre-Packaged Packing Supplies

A pre-bundled moving kit is a timesaver if you prefer to pack your items. Consider sourcing a packing kit that includes different-sized boxes, packing tape, bubble cushioning, and a thick marker. A moving kit is a great, stress-free place to start.

Apart from the moving kit, grab plenty of heavy-duty trash bags to handle the unexpected amount of trash or for quick packing of clothes, shoes, or linen.

4. Get Rid of Items You No Longer Need

Before packing, keep aside items you won’t be taking with you. And donate, trash, or sell them. Remember that the fewer things you have, the fewer items you need to pack and pay to move. Our skilled movers can comfortably accommodate your busy schedule to ensure minimal moving challenges.

5. Focus on Packing Everything

When packing in a hurry, it’s not the best time to painstakingly sort your things, roll up everything in your closet, or go into detailed box labeling. Although you should not blindly toss everything into a box, you’ll have plenty of time to unpack items than pack them.

6. Leave Your Old Place Looking Clean and Tidy

Once you move out entirely, remove all trash, clean your floors, and clear and wipe the countertops. Or hire a cleaning service while you concentrate on getting set up at your new location.

7. Hire a Professional Moving Company

During some seasons, getting full-service movers within a tight schedule can be challenging. And if you have shifting dates, their availability may not suit your timelines. Luckily, you can call our pro movers at your convenience, with a quick response time to ensure you safely transport your items.

Cost of Movers Near You

Movers in Toronto start from about $670 for 3 hours (1 or 2-bedroom apartment) without extra services. Here is a further breakdown of the average cost of movers.

1 Bedroom: 4-6 hours, about $750+

2 Bedroom: 6-8 hours, about $1,100+

Large Home (1,500-2,400 sq. ft.): 8-10hours, about $2,200+

Extra Large Home (2,500-4,000 sq. ft.): 10-12+ hours, about $3,500+

How Much Do Movers Cost in Toronto?

Are you planning to relocate and want to learn more about the moving cost in Toronto? Request an estimate today for all your moving needs.